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My name is JD Dace and the topic that me and my group members chose concerns obesity and its effect on the health of Americans. I was born in Pennsylvania, which is not know to be the fittest state in America, it actually is comprised of 25-29% obese people. I have plenty of family friends that live in Pennsylvania still and seeing them have all sorts of weight related health risks make me want to change something. It really frustrates me that obesity is such a preventable disease but it claims thousands of people lives across the nation. I guess you can say this is why I am so interested in this topic, not because it’s a disease that claims the lives of unsuspecting people but because they actually do it to themselves through over eating and exercise. I want to figure out what exactly motivates an obese person to continue their un-healthy lifestyles even though they are constantly warned by their doctors to drop the weight. A bias that I might have is that I, myself am such an active person. I am constantly outside playing sports with my friends, or at least hitting the gym when the weather isn’t so nice outside. I guess I just can’t wrap my head around why someone wouldn’t be compelled to go out and do something if it was a mater of life and death. Which is exactly what obesity is; a matter of life and death. If obese people choose to not lose their excess weight then they will either develop diabetes, or some kind of cancer. If the factor of death isn’t enough to motivate obese people, I want to find something that will motivate them. -JD

I am a senior Business major at CSU with a concentration in management. My interest in obesity stems from its high cost to society and the pervasiveness of the problem. Although I do not have specific experience in the medical field, I can asses the statistical data and findings of research on the matter, drawing from my academic career. I am fascinated with so-called universal cures like bypass-surgery for American obesity and wish its promoters promises were true. At any rate, a better solution must be found for everyone’s benefit on a more reaching level. – Blogtank36

My name is Lacy. I am a proud Colorado native and a junior at Colorado State University. My current major is nutrition with a concentration in dietetics. I enjoy nutrition because it is important for everyone, not just a specific population. For this writing class I am researching and writing an in depth paper about the specific consequences soft drinks have on the prevalence of obesity. I find this topic interesting, and I hope you do to! – Lacy

I’m Mark, I’m from Maryland and a sophomore at Colorado State University. I am currently an English major who will most likely be switching to biology come next semester. I’m still trying to find out what I want to do in life but I think the study of life is at least the area I want to focus in whether it end up being Med school or Vet school or just research biology in a field such as Zoology or so. For my part of obesity I looked at more of the cause and effects of obesity on society at this present time and how it is changing how we live and the things we interact with.  -Mark G

My name is Zach Desmond, I am currently a junior at Colorado State University majoring in biology.  I currently reside in Fort Collins, but I am originally from Woodinville, Washington.  I am a biology tutor and I also work in a lab, which is why researching obesity just came naturally to me our public argument.  I am always busy, with barely any down time these days: this keeps me in shape.  I am a bit of a weekend warrior because I am always going up snowboarding, climbing, or playing sports with friends.  Growing up I have always been good at running, and now I combine running with weight lifting at the gym.  With all this background, it is hard for me to understand the obesity epidemic…maybe that’s why I’m researching it. -ZD


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