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Weight Discrimination: The Effects of Obesity on Employment
This was a paper written by Andrea E. Chernov on the discriminations of obesity within the workplace. It explains the several reasons why there is discrepancy when it comes to employment of people who are overweight. It ranges from visual reasons to monetary reasons such as insurance. It was written in the past decade so it is pretty relative and up to date in the matter; it also comes from the University of Hawaii’s academic writing journal which covers various matters and issues. The audience for the journal is usually fellow colleagues of theirs who read their journal. This article really helped me when it came to the social aspect of my argument by providing how there is stigmas appearing in different areas when it comes to overweight people. I find it credible as it comes an accredited institution of higher learning.
Chernov, Andrea E. “Weight Discrimination: The Effects of Obesity on Employment.” University of Hawaii, Honolulu (2006): n. pag. Web. 8 May 2011. .

Find Yourself Packing It On? Blame Friends
This was an article written by Gina Kolata who takes a look at study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. She looks at their findings that obesity can travel from person to person especially if that person is a friend and even worse a close friend who has been gaining weight. This article was published in The New York Times a highly popular news source for not only New York but for the rest of the country. Gina is targeting an audience of everyone as it is published in the paper. The article can be attributed as a good and bad thing as I started in my argument because it encourages people to help their friends lose some weight and stay healthy but also could encourage them to alienate their fat friends in fear of gaining weight. This article like the previous one helped me in my social aspect of my public argument as I added that part recently after I looked at the societal aspects when rewriting my paper.
Kolata, Gina. “Find Yourself Packing It On? Look Around at Your Friends.” New York Times 26 July 2007, Print. (LexisNexis)

Society adapts to increasing obesity in Switzerland
This YouTube video really hit the main point of my argument when I was scouring google for sources. It displayed my main idea that society is having to change to accommodate the weight boost in the recent years. This video was put together by swissinfo a group and television channel in Switzerland who puts together information and videos about whats happening in their country. This video shows several things that have changed with the growing obesity epidemic such as MRI machines, incinerators, ambulances, and clothing. It is credible because it is publicly broadcasted in Switzerland on television which you wouldn’t want unfactual things broadcasted on one of their news channels. As I said before it helps my argument because it is the main point I am trying to convey that society is increasingly changing to accommodate obesity.


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