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How do diet pills work?

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Diet pills and prescription weight loss drugs: how they work; is an medical article by WebMD that gives a rather quick but informative fact basis to diet pills.  WebMD is known for explaining health issues and relating it back to the common reader.  This article gave the potential health effects of diet pills in lists, gave a few examples of diet pills, listed further reading, and essential knowledge concerning diet pills.  This article was my first go-to for my research on diet pills because it is so simple.  The target audience are people who want to learn about diet pills or people who are considering taking diet pills and want background before getting into it.  The author is most likely an MD, but I could not find a specific author; the exigency of this topic is that obese people want a quick way out but this is simply not the case and doctors want people to know this.  The source is the internet, hence WebMD.  This source was pretty useful, it did not have a plethora of specific facts, but it sure gave me something to go off of to start my argument, and lists of potential harmful side effects that will back my argument.  This source was strong in that way, but if there were more facts or longer, this source would have been much more useful.

“Diet Pills and Prescription Weight Loss Drugs: How They Work.” WebMD – Better Information. Better Health. WebMD, 2011. Web. 24 Apr. 2011. <;.


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