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How diet pills work

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How Diet Pills Work? By Stepanie Watson was a very well organized article to inform the reader of how diet pills work.  Stepanie uses short paragraphs along with pictures to get her point across: I thought that this was great because it helped me visualize what I already knew.  This source is ran by Discovery Health, a pretty reputable source that is concerned with general biological processes.  This artifact is broken into 6 pages, with the last page containing several other resources I can later dig into.  I have watched Discovery on TV before and they seem pretty credible, because they seem genuinely interested in health and animals.  The target audience seems to be more people who just want to know more about diet pills, and are probably not looking to use them.  The composer of this artifact seems measured and educated which really made me feel safe in using the facts given.  This source was pretty useful, as I will integrate the processes behind diet pills to essentially scare the reader from using the pills, as the processes are not safe.  This source was strong because it was informative and easy to read, but was weaker because it didn’t have a whole plethora of information I could dig into.  As stated before, this article seems credible.

Watson, Stephanie. “Discovery Health “Diet Pill Side Effects”” Discovery Health “Health Guides” Discovery Health, 2011. Web. 25 Apr. 2011. <;.


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