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Consumer search is a website concerning reviews for almost anything imaginable, and in this case: diet pills.  I could not find a specific author, but I know that this is controlled and operated by the New York Times, which is reputable.  This article gives many specific examples, including Hydroxycut, Alli, and Acia, along with general knowledge to back its claim that diet pills are generally bad.  This article is broken into 8 different pages, with the last page containing several other resources I could dig into.  Just from reading this article I feel more informed on the subject in general, like how they are regulated and how they work.  Once again, the target audience are those who want some background info on diet pills before they start taking them.  The author seems sincerely concerned about diet pills, hence the 8 page article outlining almost everything you need to know.  The source is a website ran by New York Times.  I will use this artifact by incorporating some of the facts I can glean from it, along with more background information on the subject, like how they work, why they are bad, and possible positive effects for my counterargument.  This artifact seems credible because the auto cite (site used to cite sources easier) said they were and it is ran by New York Times.  This artifact was strong because it had so much information, but it was weak in that it didn’t seem very scientific.

“Diet Pills Reviews.” Product Reviews and Reports – New York Times, Aug. 2009. Web. 26 Apr. 2011. <;.


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