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“Why Are We So Fat?”

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Summary: This article by Cathy Newman covers many topics concerning America’s obesity crisis. She discusses how America has gotten fatter do to overeating too many calories and expending too little energy. She states that energy balance (expending the amount of calories consumed) is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. This energy balance can be thrown off by even a few calories. These calories can add up over the course of weeks, months, and years.

Rhetorical Context: The source of this article is the magazine National Geographic, which includes articles on science, space, earth, archeology, and health and the human body. This article was written for people who have an interest in the widening of society. The target audience is very broad, since the article was published in a popular media source. The author, Cathy Newman, is a senior writer at National Geographic, who has also published three books.

Evaluation: There was a lot of information in this article. Specifically, I will use the information presented about energy balance in my argument. Some of the statistics that Newman addresses will be extremely critical in my argument on obesity. She states that consuming 100 calories beyond the recommended 2000 calories a day, adds up to a gain of ten pounds over the course of a year (3,500 calories = 10 pounds). I can relate this statistic to the consumption of soft drinks to provide further evidence to my argument.


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