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“Dr. Pepper Remake Label”

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Summary: This artifact is a picture of the nutrition label on a bottle of Dr. Pepper soda. The label identifies the nutrients that are contained in the soda. These include calories, carbohydrates, sodium, and sugar content. The label also lists the ingredients in Dr. Pepper.

Rhetorical Context: This picture appeared on a website titled DeviantArt which appears to be an online organization of various artists. The audience is likely other artists. The author is an art student who was required to take this picture for a class assignment.

Evaluation: I will use this picture in my argument to discuss the poor nutrient content in soft drinks. I will use this to visually aid my claim that soda often only contains sugar and calories. I think that using a picture will help my audience to visualize what I am saying about the poor nutrition contained in the soda. This picture will provide strong evidence to my argument.


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