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“Diet Sodas Cause Weight Gain”

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Summary: This video, which debuted on ABC’s Good Morning America, reviews the findings of a study which suggests that diet soda causes weight gain. As the video discusses, the study was performed on rats and lead researchers at Purdue University to conclude that the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas have an ill effect on metabolism. These sweeteners somehow alter chemicals in the brain. The video concludes that based on these findings, it is advisable to eliminate diet sodas from the diet.

Rhetorical Context: The source of this video is ABC News which is a nationwide news station dealing with a wide variety of topics. This video was likely produced for mostly stay at home mothers and other viewers who watch early morning news. Good Morning America, where this video aired, comes on in the mornings and likely targets this audience. The authors of the actual study are researchers at Purdue University. The authors of the video, however, are the producers at ABC.

Evaluation: This is going to be one of my visual components in my public argument. In my argument, I plan to address some of the critics who claim that diet soda is not bad for the diet. I will use this video as evidence that there have been studies which suggest otherwise. I think this video will be critical in my argument because it is interesting and extremely compelling.


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