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Surgical Safety, Efficacy, and Cost-effectiveness of Common Laparoscopic Procedures

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In 2011 Manish Tiwari and Jason Reynoso (main authors) wrote in an article named “Surgical Safety, Efficacy, and Cost-effectiveness of Common Laparoscopic Procedures” in the medical journal Surgical Endoscopy regarding two methods of various gastric surgeries including gastric bypass. The methods, open and laparoscopic, were compared based on several criteria such as hospital stay, intensive care unit admissions, and comprehensive costs. The study proved that in all instances the laparoscopic technique was better than or equal to open surgery methods. Therefore, the article recommended that all gastric surgeons should utilize the laparoscopic method over traditional open surgery.

            Surgical Endoscopy is an expensive ($188 per year) medical journal that concentrates on non-invasive surgery techniques. The audience is doctors, specifically surgeons, interested in the benefits of non-invasive surgery, as well as the latest updates, tools, practices, and applications. Manish Tiwari and Jason Reynoso are researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

            The article clearly has adequate credentials to mention in any academic paper, since it is from a peer-reviewed and focused medical journal from several knowledgeable and educated authors. The public argument audience of individuals considering gastric bypass surgery would likely consider the reference reliable with accurate and usable information. This artifact is far too technical and littered with jargon to quote directly but can be summarized and used to support a specific type of gastric bypass surgery, assisting the audience in deciding which method to use.


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