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Research Strategy #2 Zach D

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Now that I have at last narrowed down my topic to diet pills, I can now do some major sleuthing on the internet to get some pertinent information on this subject.  There will no longer be any broad searches like “adult obesity”.  I especially want to focus on diet pills that are harmful to people, as people these days will put anything into their bodies if the media tells them to.  Using multiple resources (and that means different modes as well as using advanced search) I will be able to snuff out the diet pills that are repeatedly known to be bad for one’s health.  In an age where diet and exercise is too much of a task for the general overweight public, my goal in this paper to make sure that people are losing weight the easy weight safely.  I have already done some auxiliary research on diet pills using the keywords “diet pill effectiveness” and have found a plethora of diet pills already out there; ones that worked well were Hoodia, Phenyl375, and Acai.  Ones to look out for were Ephedra, Chitosan, and Meridia.  In my argument I will go over why these diet pills are bad for people to take and how they are marketed so well.  I still have work to do but I am confident that I will be able to build a decent argument over the next couple of weeks.


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