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Since focusing my research on gastric bypass surgery, finding more specific articles has been less of a challenge, making it possible to find key factors in my next sources. I will be examining the articles for variety of sources in different degrees of credibility and insight, as well as their appropriateness for the audience. With an audience of people considering the surgery, I will continue to research its benefits and risks but also consider its feasibility. Using my past three sources has established that utilizing the surgery as a mass-cure is an unreasonable concept. My claim, therefore, is that the surgery is effective on a per patient basis and last resort but not as a sustainable solution. It is not a quick fix and requires a lifestyle change. In fact, much of the procedure’s success relies on forcing patients to change their habits in the light of life and death consequences. I plan to use the next three sources to demonstrate that there is no easy solution to such a pervasive problem, and it will require a combination of external forces and individual effort.


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