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Research Strategy #2

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Now that I have decided what I want to focus my research on specifically it has gotten much easier to find articles. I have decided that I want to focus primarily on advertising and the effect it has on obesity in America. I started by typing “advertising’s effect on obesity” into google and it gave me several articles pertaining to just that. What was most frustrating however is that most of these articles focused on childhood obesity and I want advertising’s effect on obesity as a whole. I had to do a lot of digging to find something that fit my requirements. Most of the time these articles made only short references to advertising’s effect on obesity. The good news is that not I know exactly what I am looking for and it shouldn’t be too hard to find the articles that will be necessary to write my public argument paper. After about an hour of searching the web through various search engines such as EbscoHost and Lexus Nexus I was able to find a very helpful article from the U.S. department of Health and Services titled “Obesity.” This article has an entire section devoted to¬†Advertising and Marketing’s effect on obesity in America. In order to to write my paper I’m oging to need to do a little more poking around but it shouldn’t be too hard.


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