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Going to the Extreme

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In 2010 American Fitness author Cherryh Butler created an article on the negative aspects of bypass surgery. Many of the magazine and television ads fail to elaborate fully on the side-effects or complications of the procedure. Butler first demonstrates this with a case study of Barbara Knuth’s almost fatal surgery. The author makes it clear that the gastric procedure is not the ultimate cure for a complex problem. Surgical complications aside, the extreme measure can leave patients with the emotional reasons they had eating problems in the first place, continue weight gain, and prevent vital absorption of vitamins and minerals. Butler stresses that, like any treatment, it must be comprehensive and include special diet adjustments, lifestyle changes, and healthier habits.

                American Fitness is a magazine published by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the world’s largest fitness educator, with over 100,000 readers. The article’s target audience is readers and subscribers who are interested in knowing all the facts about a gastric bypass surgery. The magazine targets professionals, health-conscience individuals, clubs, and those interested in health news. Cherryh Butler is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a master’s in journalism who writes for many different publications.

                The credibility of this article is supported by a solid publishing agency, author with expert knowledge in the field, supporting data and sources, and clear organization and focus. It offers a unique perspective on the procedure, which will be useful for presenting the opposition’s case. The currency of the artifact is appropriate, especially since surgery side-effects often decrease with time. Its main weakness is the case study demonstrated problems of surgery in general, and not specifically the gastric bypass procedure.


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