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Can Americans Change Their Self-destructive Habits?

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Alan Greenblatt of CQ Researcher wrote a report on the causes, effects, and treatment of American obesity in 2003. Greenblatt begins with a sobering analysis of the problem: 300,000 deaths each year and a staggering $117 billion in healthcare costs. The rest of the article describes the issues in detail but only the overview section is relevant to bypass surgery. This section tells the story of Barbara Pentz, a morbidly overweight nurse from Philadelphia, who discovers the benefits of gastric surgery. She tried many different methods but could not keep the weight off until reading an article on the procedure and deciding to do it. Pentz lost 130 pounds and was not alone in her choice. According to nutrition expert Judith Stern, over 75,000 Americans had the procedure in 2002, including Todays’ weather forecaster, Al Roker. The American Society for Bariatric Surgery states that there is a long waiting list for the surgery, likely inspired by the many success stories.

CQ Researcher is an independent publisher of books, online articles, directories, and other media known for its high standards, thoroughness, and objectivity. The target audience is anyone interested in obesity and the surrounding issues; however, the journal is more likely to be read by secondary education students and professionals because of its content and subscription cost. Alan Greenblatt is a former Governing Magazine author and current author for CQ Researcher.

This artifact has strong ethos and credibility. Because CQ Researcher is independent, it has complete autonomy and holds itself to higher editing and review standards. Each article is elaborate and includes both qualitative and quantitative data. One minor setback is the lack of conciseness, but this is easily solved with the article’s clear headings. It is also slightly old but still gives useful research information. I will be able to use this article to demonstrate the effectiveness of gastric bypass surgery, how many people do it, the causes of its popularity, and provide an accurate scope of the problem.


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