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Beating Obesity

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Marc Ambinder wrote a compelling article in May 2010 published by the Atlantic about his personal account of his bypass surgery. Ambinder tells of his diabetes and border-line morbidly obese condition from which he was cured by undergoing a gastric bypass procedure. He provides statistics on the surgery side effect probabilities and the number of individuals who had the surgery in 2008. In his case, the alteration was a complete success. While he states that surgical action is dramatically beneficial, Ambinder acknowledges that not all extremely obese persons can afford the surgery or find a doctor who will do it. Therefore, it cannot be a cure-all solution to American’s obesity problem and alternatives must be found or reaffirmed. He also addresses First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to fight obesity with a note of hopeful optimism.

The Atlantic is a monthly magazine containing a broad range of articles including politics, healthcare, business, national news, and technology. The target audience is individuals who wish to be informed on today’s issues and news from a reliable and steady source. Though the magazine is not independently financed, it appears to be fairly unbiased. Marc Ambinder is the magazine’s White House correspondent, contributing editor, founder of ABC’s “The Note,” and 2001 Harvard graduate.

This article gave several more current and useful statistics on the surgery itself and a few of the pros and cons. It is an excellent source for balancing the other treatments for obesity and the more dramatic bypass surgery. While the author is not an expert in the field or healthcare specialist, he provided a valuable first-hand story of the procedure and what he learned from it. This artifact will be important for weighing the benefits and costs of the surgery, as well as a more detailed account of how individuals start the preliminary steps.


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