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Fast-food culture serves up super-size Americans

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Summary: This article was interesting because it doesn’t attribute obesity to anything other than the constant barrage of advertising from fast food companies. It says that it’s almost unfair how along every road you either see a fast food place or a billboard advertising for one. Due to all of the fast food joints: innutritious foods reign, serving sizes keep increasing, the food industry has run amok, and physical activity has declined. So really what the author is trying to say is that we don’t really even stand a chance of becoming a skinny nation again.

Rhetorical Context: This article was published by the American Psychological Association and was written by a woman named Bridget Murray. The audience that I think this article is trying to reach is that of a more educated, curious group. It could also be meant for a more professional crowd seeing as how it was written in a medical journal. So yes, I consider this article to be very credible.

Evaluation: This article is exactly what I’m looking for. It was written in a very credible source and explores the psychological reasoning behind why people may be obese in America. She chalks it up to the media rather than lack of motivation, which is something that is seldom seen.


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  1. It is interesting that this article proposes that the media is to blame for the obesity crises. I completely agree with you, this is not a perspective that is often represented in society today. I may have to read this article!


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