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Culture matters in the obesity debate

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Summary: This article was taking a look at the culture of obesity and how it applies to different races,social classes and genders. What was concluded was that people’s social class had a significant impact on wether or not they were obese. For example, the likelihood of being overweight in the poorest 25% of the population is twice that of people in the highest quarter of economic class. The author says that this happens due to the fact that poorer people find it hard to create any leisure time. As well as not leaving the house for fear of getting mugged.

Rhetorical Context: This article was published in the LA Times, a very reputable newspaper. It covers all topics ranging from, sports all the way to international relations. Since this was found in a newspaper the target audience is that of a more educated, older class.

Evaluation: This article provided me with lots of useable information that I know to be credible since it was written by, Kelly D. Brownell, a professor of psychology, epidemiology and public health at Yale University, where he serves as director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity.


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