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About Obesity in America

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About Obesity in America
Summary: This article was short, sweet, and to the point which is why I found it to be very useful. It goes through all the motions of describing how America is one of the wealthiest countries and therefore has no reason to be obese. It then goes on to explain the statistics of obesity in America, saying that it was increased 60% in the past 20 years. The author then goes on to say that this is because it has been ingrained into our culture through millions of ads that we are exposed to in our lifetime. These ads tell us that food should be quick and on the go.

Rhetorical Context: While this article provided plenty of good information, I’m not so sure how credible the source is seeing as how it was posted on “” But all the statistics seem reasonable enough to me.

Evaluation: All in all, I don’t think that I’m going to be using this article for much more than a few minor statistics. The way that the article was organized really detracts from it overall credibility, it’s organized into a few short paragraphs. If I was going to use this it would need to be a bit longer and from a credible source.


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