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Obesity Studies Continue to Stir the Soft-drink Debate

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Summary: This article, found in USA Today, takes an unbiased approach to the question of whether or not soft drinks contribute to obesity. Author Nanci Hellmich explains that soft drinks add calories, and no nutrients, to the diet. She expresses the common opinion among nutrition experts that deleting soft drinks from the diet eliminates excess calories which may lead to obesity. Hellmich also explains the other side of the argument which states that eliminating soft drinks is not nearly as important as leading an active lifestyle.

Rhetorical Context: This article was published in USA Today, which is a nationally recognized newspaper. The target audience is the general public. The article is easy for nearly everyone to read and understand. Author Nanci Hellmich is the fitness and nutrition editor of USA Today (according to

Evaluation: This article will be very useful in my public argument. The article brings up some interesting points about why soft drinks contribute to obesity. I found the discussion on satiety extremely interesting and accurate. Drinking a Coca Cola will not satisfy your hunger. It will only add calories to the diet. This article is also helpful because it acknowledges the counterpoint to the argument. This shows reasonableness in the author and establishes ethos.


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