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3 Artifacts Zach Desmond

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Artifact 1


The title of the article is Obesity.  The main point of this website is to give a general understanding of what exactly obesity is and the health effects that it can have.  The website also has links to several tools for the user, for example, to find out if a particular person is obese.  The author is MedlinePlus, the source is internet and the date published is 10 August 2010.  It looks like MedlinePlus gets its information from medical doctors and the US National Library of Medicine, The National Institutes of Health and The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.  The audience seems to be people who are obese persons that are looking for information on the subject or simply just people interested obesity like us.  The composer is probably just a combination of doctors that work for the website or the company; it was not clear if there was just a single author.  This website seems like a very useful one, with pages of links to all sorts of information on the subject along with a terse summary at the top that doesn’t wear out the reader with extraneous information.  As said before, this article seems credible because as it is composed by medical doctors and none of the claims in the artifact seem fabricated.   The general argument made by this site is that obesity is more than a superficial thing and that this condition can cause serious health effects.


Artifact 2


The title of this webpage is Overweight and Obesity.  This page was made by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) a trusted organization that dedicates itself to preventing and treating diseases: obesity is therefore considered a disease and something to be fixed.  Like artifact 1, this site also has several links to helpful sites, such as: the causes and effects of this disease, the definition of obesity, childhood obesity, and state funded programs to reduce obesity.  This site starts off with a general summary of obesity that is succinct while giving the reader a general understanding of what the site aims to discuss.  The page was reviewed recently on March, 1, 2011 and the authors are numerous as the CDC is made up of more than one individual, each article within this website is probably written and reviewed by several medical doctors, which makes it credible.  The intended audience are those persons who wish to research the disease and gain more insight than just a general definition and those persons who are obese and are looking for ways to know if they are obese and ways to combat the disease.  This webpage is full of widgets like things to calculate Body Mass Index and obesity statistics which is considered supporting data.  The articles consist of knowledge people may already know along with more specific data is reinforce an argument the specific article is making.  This particular artifact is much like artifact number 1.


Artifact 3


This particular artifact is a Wikipedia article titled Obesity.  This may be the longest Wikipedia article I have ever seen, full of different aspects such as: classification, effects of health, survival paradox, causes, diet, sedentary lifestyle, genetics, medical and psychiatric illness, social determinants, infectious agents, path physiology, management, epidemiology, public health, economic impact, and history.  Wikipedia is not known for being incredibly credible but with a quarter of the article being references I deem this particular wiki to be quite credible.  The intended audience seems to be those who rely on Wikipedia for being an easy to read, straight forward resource that does not tangent from the original word that the user typed into Google or any other search engine including just going onto Wikipedia.  Like any wiki, this article is composed by any authors that care to write about the subjects, so there are several different perspectives and specialties.  Within the topics on obesity are links to other subjects that can be related back to obesity and are there to serve as clarification.  The article was last modified very recently on March 22, 2011.  This is the best artifact of the three in my opinion because it contains such pertinent information and a variety of different topics related to obesity, including those diseases that are caused by obesity.  There is quite a bit of general knowledge wrapped into this article along with supporting facts, but who is to say how credible each individual author is that contributed to this article, but when looking at the all the references I think this artifact will be a very helpful one.


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