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“Obesity, Diets, and Social Inequalities”

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Summary: This article focused specifically on economic predispositions to obesity. Author Adam Drewnowski states that the occurrence of obesity is directly related to economic, social, and educational class. Poorer people do not have accessible healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Instead, sugary, fatty, and highly processed foods are being consumed by those with less money. These foods are often significantly cheaper than healthier foods. Education also plays a role in obesity. According to Drewnowski, the less educated tend to suffer from obesity, especially among women. Drewnowski claims that in order to decrease the occurrence of obesity, it is important to consider social, educational, and especially economic precursors.

Rhetorical Context: This article was found in the journal Nutrition Reviews on May 2, 2009. The audience of this journal is undoubtedly nutritionists, dieticians, and possibly even physicians. Author Adam Drewnowski is a biochemistry and nutrient expert. He is also the director of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Washington (

Evaluation: This article was extremely informative. The article was scattered with useful data, and explanatory graphs. I think this article gave an accurate and in depth look at the economics of obesity. Drewnowski provided lots of support for his argument and very specific examples. One of these examples was his overview of beverage choices versus cost. He noted that soda costs approximately 30 cents per mega joule, while orange juice costs 143 cents per mega joule. Information such as this will be very helpful in my public argument.



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