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An article published on December 21, 2009 by Susan Hasty and Charles Henderson in Biotech Business Week gives information on the correlation between Type 2 diabetics and the morbidly obese. A research study from the Loyola University Health System showed that 20% of persons with Type 2 diabetes are morbidly obese (100 pounds or more). In the article Dr. Holly Kramer, kidney specialist and author of the study from the Journal of Diabetes and its Complications lists several of the negative health implications of being overweight, as well as the many causes. Many of the causes are more recent developments that help explain why obesity in American is a growing problem. Dr. Kramer also describes a few of the treatments for obesity, such as bypass surgery, diet, and “other lifestyle changes.”

Biotech Business Week, just as Drug Week, is also a part of the News Rx conglomerate. Again, based on the “about us” section News Rx, the target audience is anyone who is interested in medical related articles with solid research and thorough analysis of all the surrounding issues. In this article, however, Hasty and Henderson appear to serve a more facilitating function in the publication, composition, and content of the article. Dr. Kramer provides the bulk of the information and seems to be the main author. As a kidney specialist and author for a reputable medical journal, he has substantially more experience, expertise, and credibility in writing on medical issues.

The extensive input from Dr. Kramer, useful statistics, currency of the article, and nearly unshakable credibility of the source make this artifact particularly valuable for the blog and argument. It provides more quantitative data with a variety of topics such as, the problem and its solutions. This article will be very useful in evaluating and choosing a solution to concentrate on. In fact, this artifact has encouraged me to narrow the topic to the effectiveness and frequency of bypass surgery for obesity treatment.


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