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“Being ‘Fat’ in Today’s World: A Qualitative Study of the Lived Experiences of People With Obesity in Australia”

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Summary: This article was based on a study done in Australia. The study involved 76 participants. In the study, the participants were asked to share their basic experiences. Some of the topics covered in the study included weight loss techniques, everyday experiences and grievances, and interactions with medical professionals. The results of this study were varied. All participants had tried to lose weight but failed. Some stated that the failure was due to mental or emotional problems. Many participants disliked buying clothes and flying in airplanes (because of the small seats), and almost all participants had experienced discrimination. Many participants also had negative feelings towards doctors. There were many other data points presented in this study.

Rhetorical Context: This article originally appeared in the journal Health Expectations on December 1, 2008. The audience is most likely health professionals. Authors Samantha Thomas, Jim Hyde, Asuntha Karunaratne, Dillnie Herbert, and Paul Komesaroff all have PhD’s or biomedical science degrees from prestigious universities.

Evaluation: This study was very interesting. It provided firsthand experience from obese people. I feel as though this information is extremely reliable because it is based on personal experience. I have never been obese, and therefore I trust the experiences and thoughts of these participants. However, this study was done in Australia and I am not sure if I can directly relate it to obesity in America. I may just use this article as a general reference.



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