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“Obesity—America’s Health Crises”

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Summary:  Author Peggy Ward-Smith discusses the increasing prevalence of obesity amongst American’s. She states that although Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in America, it is nevertheless a serious issue. Ward-Smith discusses the harmful effects of obesity. These effects include medical issues (including urological issues), significant economic burdens, and social discrimination. The effects of obesity are numerous and, as Ward-Smith states, it is important to counteract obesity. She proposes the four methods which are commonly used. These methods include, exercise, diet changes, dietary supplements, and surgery. She concludes by restating that obesity in America is an issue to be taken seriously.

Rhetorical Context: This article was originally published in the academic journal Urological Nursing on July 1, 2010. Therefore, the target audience is nurses and physicians. The author of the article, Peggy Ward-Smith, has a nursing degree and is now an associate professor at the University of Missouri- Kansas City.

Evaluation: This article provided very general information on obesity. The information I plan to use in my paper pertains to discrimination amongst the obese. She briefly mentions a study that was done in which obese people were discriminated against more than gays or Muslims. I found the information in this article to be interesting and credible. The author is a nurse and, I believe, is very knowledgeable about this topic.



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  1. If you are interested in descrimination, the study which she mentions would be a good one to look up.


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