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I grew up in Woodinville, Washington; a brewing town with a river, basic entertainment, along with lots of trees and hills.  My school was an average one, with all sorts of different cliques, but for the most part, people were in shape, so my opinion may be biased because I think it is easy to be thin if you want to be.  I think most of my values came from my friends and knowledge I took away from experiences I have had; if I could sum it all up in a phase it would be live and let live.  Although this is an overused expression, I feel that it is a great one.  People should be allowed to do what they want to do unless it hurts another.  From this project, I could potentially gain useful knowledge pertaining to obesity and the effects that it can have on adults, which is pertinent knowledge to have when I am older.  I am biased in this issue because most of my friends are athletic in one way or another, and I find it difficult to understand people who don’t want to get out and be active; which keeps you from being overweight for the most part.  The movie supersize me had an effect on me because it shows what America’s fast food can do to somebody, especially if they don’t exercise.  Even though fast food is fattening and bad for you, it is still easy to be thin though, my dad eats fast food once in a while and still climbs 20,000 foot mountains, so I find it hard to blame obesity on corporate America.  I attended a public high school and am now a junior at CSU, so I am fairly well educated at this point; I have also had 8 different jobs; I find it fun to learn new and exiting skills and I am always up for a new experience, even if it dangerous.  Every day is a new chance to change yourself and your beliefs if you want to, including losing weight.


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