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I grew up in a suburb of Baltimore, MD named Dundalk. It wasn’t the biggest town but it wasn’t anywhere close to being a small town that you would find in Colorado. Maryland is home to some of the country’s best athletes including the nations favorite swimmer Michael Phelps, but despite this Maryland isn’t the most healthy or fit state. Being an east coast metropolitan city it is bumbling with busy people who have little concern for their diet and just pick up quick meals from the closest fast food restaurant. I was raised as a Christian floating between Catholicism and Baptist but the core values of Christianity sank in never the less. I try to be my morally best all the time in whatever I endeavor. This may not have a huge impact on obesity though but it could be considered gluttonous which one of the seven deadly sins is.

I believe though that whatever befalls you at your own expense is your own fault. Excuses’ trying to blame others for your own flaw is against what I believe is right. Eating McDonalds didn’t make you overweight, your lack of physical activity did. This might be where my bias lands and may conflict with others who believe that there are other causes to the rising trend of obesity.

Mostly all the people who try to sue McDonalds or another fast food chain trying to lay the blame on someone else besides themselves. Sure it isn’t the healthiest food in the world and that is common knowledge but it was each person’s own decision to eat there and their own decision to be inactive. Also the documentary Super Size Me had an effect on my view as well because it was too much of an extreme experiment to be regarded as relevant. I couldn’t name or probably even find one person who ate McDonalds three times a day for a whole month. It is superfluous to anything that should be attributed to the subject.


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