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            I was born in Colorado, and grew up in Colorado Springs. I have one older brother who, for better or worse, has taught me almost everything I know. Even from a young age, my brother and I have been very close. When we were younger we would play on the monkey bars for hours on end and ride our bikes until there was no daylight left. My parents, who also grew up in Colorado, taught us to be active. My family would hike Pikes Peak in the summer, and ski in Breckenridge during the winter.

            Although I have not always been a healthy eater, I have always known that to live well you have to take care of your body. Staying active and eating healthy are just two of the many ways to ensure a healthy lifestyle. After all, physical health not only affects weight, and medical health, it also affects mental health, confidence, and social aptitude.

            I am now a nutrition major with a concentration in dietetics. My past experiences have influenced my awareness of what it means to live a healthy life. Nutrition influences nearly everything in life. It influences disease, happiness, attitude, and much more.

            Obesity has become a serious problem for many Americans. This problem is not likely to go away soon by simply bypassing McDonalds on the way home from work. There are serious causes and repercussions to obesity. Although I am not sure what specific issue I will tackle within the topic of obesity, I am very interested in this topic and I feel that it has an immediate exigency.


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