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Welcome to our blog page concerning adult obesity!  Our group consists of JD Dace, Lacy Sramek, Zach Desmond, Mark Grybos, and Ryan Reynoso.  We are all Colorado State University students and are part of an upper level composition course here.  Our aim is to address the common and growing epidemic of obesity, namely adult obesity.  With two out of three americans overweight, each and everyone of our group members is deeply concerned with this issue and are currently researching it to bring our viewers some knowledge on the subject.  There will be a combination of different posts, some related to artifacts that we have found, a profile on each of us, our individual views on the matter and 5 different public arguments as a final product.  You will see much information pertaining to how obesity can be dealt with, why is it is such an epidemic, the health risks, and a few opinions along the way.  Feel free to make comments on our page, they would be greatly appreciated as they would help guide our research.  If you are currently obese and are reading this please do not take any comments personally.  Enjoy!


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